Create Your Personal AI Bot for Streamlined Productivity

It’s all possible when you have Mureed with you

At Mureed, we understand the value of your time and ideas, which is why we created an AI enabled platform that saves both! When your ideas and thoughts combine with our custom chatgpt bots, you will not waste anymore time typing and retyping your prompts. From creating a well-researched blog to finding the catchiest hashtags for your social media, Mureed can do it all!

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Why Customised AI?

So, why the need for customised AI?

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It can be developed to address specific needs and challenges

tell it what you need and it will give you more effective solutions.

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By focusing on specific tasks or processes, custom AI systems can streamline operations, automate repetitive tasks, and improve overall efficiency. Think like this

no more retyping the entire prompt over and over again!

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You can train them on domain-specific data, allowing them to achieve higher levels of accuracy and performance

give it all the data and information that you have on hand, and you get to see better outcomes.

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Custom AI systems can be designed to scale according to your specific needs

when your requirements change, the AI can be adapted and modified as needed.

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Custom GPT OpenAI can be designed with data privacy and security considerations in mind

ensure protection for all sensitive information.

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By customising AI solutions to specific use cases, you can enhance the user experience for everyone involved

higher satisfaction levels guaranteed!

Welcome to Mureed!

A brand-new customized AI platform that allows you to do everything a traditional AI platform lets you do and then some more! Created for individual users and businesses, we are focused on allowing your small and medium enterprises to grow to greater heights. Whether you need an interesting name for your products or you simply want to generate an impressive tweet, Mureed can do it for you!

Mureed is an advanced personal chatbot assistant that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to provide you with accurate and comprehensive answers to a huge range of questions and queries. Whether you use chatgpt for content creation or for your business needs, this AI assistant goes above and beyond any traditional version.

Mureed has been designed to be your right and left hand – tell it what you are thinking and it will think with you and for you! Use the chatbots that come pre-built or build one as per your own requirements and after that, you will not have to worry about having to add instructions repeatedly.

Create your own chatbot, right now!

So, what makes Mureed stand out in a domain that is growing by the day? What are the features that make Mureed truly unique?

  • Customisable and customised

    For starters, Mureed is truly customisable and completely customised! You can actually create your own chat GPT – one that works as per your whims and fancies!

  • Drop the workload

    Mureed has been designed to reduce your workload, that means you will need to input instructions only once. After that, you can just keep working, without having to return to step one.

  • Smarter and faster

    Then there is also the fact that Mureed needs less instructions – the learning pattern is so advanced that just a few instructions, it will understand what you are looking.

  • Bot for every purpose

    Whether you want to use the existing bots or you want to create one that matches your specific needs, it’s all possible here!

  • Direct upload

    You can even upload PDF or any other document directly into the assistant and leave the rest to Mureed. You can actually use your own data to train the bots.

  • An assistant for your website too

    And if you have a website, you can add our bot onto your website and get an assistant for your website too.

  • Available everywhere and for everyone

    Mureed is accessible on all major platforms and for personal and professional usage.

See for yourself why Mureed is special!

How to use Mureed

Ask anything
Well, it is basically a customgpt, which means that you can ask it pretty much anything – from writing a short blog to a full fledged email!
A caption for every photo
Become a social media star by having the perfect caption for every image. #caption perfection!
A better word, a better line
When your content feels just a tiny bit lacking, Mureed can help you refine, rework or rehash.
Tweet away
Want your tweets to go viral? Try Mureed’s tweet machine.
Announce yourself to the world
Capture the attention of the world with a bio that speaks volumes about you, with just a few words.
A name for your brand
The name of a brand or a product can make or break it – so choose well with a little help from us
Tell a tale
Create a story that will capture the minds and imaginations of all those who read it.
Your email assistant
Get everyone to open your emails because Mureed will help you create the best subject lines.
The right questions
Want to increase audience engagement? Ask them the right and most interesting questions and you can create the form right here!
Heading with a headline
Seize attention with the most captivating headlines – after all, we did create our templates with the help of some of the finest copywriters in the world!


I have been using Mureed for a while now and I have found it so much better than the traditional AI platforms. I think the fact that I don’t have to keep retyping the prompts is the biggest time saver!

Sandra Keenan

As someone who wants to make it as a social media influencer, finding the right photo captions is always a task – Mureed has made my life so much easier.

Brendon Travis

I know the emails I send out to potential clients have all the information they need, but without the right email heading, many of them were deleting it without reading. Now that I have started using Mureed and its email subject generation bot, things have seen an upswing.

Nikki Halsey

The fact that I can directly upload PDF files or my own notes and use that to generate solutions is mind blowing! I don’t think many others are doing that right now

Derek Daniels
 Traditional Chat GPTMureed Custom AI
PersonalizationLacks personalized features and tools, focusing solely on generating conversational responsesTailored to provide specific functionalities and tools that are relevant for user queries
Faster and smarterNeed to input same data again and again for new information generationJust input your prompts once, and Mureed will take it from there, learning and adapting to give more customised solutions
Bots for every needAlmost no bots – ready made or otherwiseThere are plenty of pre-programmed bots, and you can also create bots based on your specific needs
Website assistanceThe traditional chatgpt is often a standalone – no support for your website apart from generic response generationIf you are looking for a customised chat gpt for business, then Mureed allows you to add a bot for your website – literally an assistant for your website too
Tool integrationHas limited capabilities in terms of integrating tools or generating specialized content beyond text-based responsesMureed can leverage various tools to enhance responses – from improving content to creating perfect names for products and companies
Ability to provide structured informationNormal ChatGPT tends to provide responses in a more conversational style – it can’t really structure information systematicallyMureed can organize responses in a structured manner - headings, bullet points, hyperlinks, you get content that is easier to read and comprehend
Interactive capabilitiesTypically limited to generating text-based responses without any real interactive elementsMureed can engage in more interactive sessions with users - generating custom outputs, offering you more customised solutions
Uploading documentsMost normal AI platforms will not allow for uploading documentsPDF, your own notes – you can upload it all and use it for your data generation
Available everywhereConventional GPT is generally available only on the desktopYou can access Mureed on almost every operating system, including your smartphones!

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • What is Mureed?

      Mureed is an AI platform and content generator tool powered by ChatGPT technology that goes beyond any traditional platform. It can do so much more – from creating captions to entire stories!

    • What can Mureed do?

      While Mureed can do all the traditional tasks that your normal chatgpt can do, it can do a lot more – from building your own AI bot with custom data to assisting with a wide range of tasks such as generating content, answering questions, and providing insights.

    • How does Mureed generate content?

      Mureed uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to generate content based on the user's input and preferences. In addition to that, there are also inputs from experts in the field that have helped us build the templates.

    • Can Mureed learn and improve over time?

      Yes, Mureed is designed to learn and improve over time based on user interactions and feedback.

    • Is Mureed easy to use?

      Yes, Mureed is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. Even creation of the bots is super easy!

    • Is Mureed available 24/7?

      Yes, Mureed is available 24/7 and can assist users anytime, anywhere. We have ensured that Mureed can be used on all platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

    • Is Mureed secure?

      Yes, Mureed is designed with robust security measures to protect user data and ensure privacy.

    • Can Mureed integrate with other tools and platforms?

      Yes, Mureed is designed to integrate with other tools and platforms, making it easy to use alongside other applications.

    • How can I get started with Mureed?

      You can get started with Mureed by creating an account and following the onboarding process.